Order & Payment


My Label Book containing 60 Labels is available in Two Versions i.e., One - without your child’s photo and the other – with your child’s photo, name, class, section and school’s name printed on each of the 60 Labels.

The non-photo version costs Rs.125/- & the Photo version costs Rs.399/- . The price is inclusive of Taxes & shipping.

For the non-photo version, no details are required from you.

For the photo version… you need to mail us 2 images of your child with details of Name, Class, Section / Division and Name of the School which will be printed on the labels.


Within 7 - 10 days from the date of receipt of all details.


Pay through Credit / Debit cards / Online transfer / Cheque in favour of‘ ’INFINITY CREATIONS’, payable at Chennai..


At the moment we are unable to process orders on COD basis. But this facility will be offered soon.


Please be rest assured; all your details are in safe hands & will be kept in strict confidence.

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