Personalised School Stickers

Doesn't the thought scare you that we will be leaving behind an exploited, de-graded and sucked-out planet for our innocent children?

Don't we owe our children a 'livable n healthy planet'?

The need of the hour is to ACT and not ignore the FACT that … the day is not far when no amount of money could give our children / grandchildren livable climate, fresh air, safe drinking water and an escape from flood or drought?

Each one of us, including our children, can lessen our own impact on the environment by adopting small little ways that are easy to embrace.

With the belief that 'Awareness' is the first step toward changing behavior … We, INFINITY CREATIONS, have launched a unique, one of a kind book for school children titled 'My Label Book'

This book contains 60 beautiful personalized school book Labels with the child's Photo, Name, Standard, Division & School's Name printed on it along with pictorial representations & little messages on 'Social Awareness'…… Saving Trees, Water, Electricity, Avoiding Plastic, Reducing Pollution, Recycling, Sustainable living, Healthy Eating, Hygiene, Safe Practices …etc.,

We take pride that this is the first time ever that such a book has been designed and launched!!!!

Here is how our Labels are creating awareness leading to positive changes ……

Children handle their books every day and seeing the messages on their labels does influence the child's behaviour (of course with little help from parents) to use our natural resources judiciously.

As the labels contain the child's picture, it draws attention from other children leading to little deliberations n talk among themselves and influencing other children too, to follow good practices.

These little but powerful messages do influence adults to introspect and embrace sustainable practices.

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